Work Desk

Work Desk

Work in Progress. Files I am currently working on made available for comment and submissions regarding new discoveries etc. Comments and Submission can be made via the Submissions option in the Notes and Queries Section of this website or via the Contact Us option.

  • Bibliography

    Temporary location for Bibliography until uploaded to the Bibliography Section of the Website.

  • Cork A1 Class Souterrains Report

    Analysis of the A1 class

  • Cork A2 Class Souterrains Report

    Analysis of the A2 class

  • Cork A3 Class Souterrains Report

    Analysis of the A3 class

  • Cork B Class Souterrains Report

    Analysis of the B1, B2 and B3 classes

  • Cork C1 Class Souterrains Report

    Analysis of the C1 class

  • Cork C3 Class Souterrains Report

    Analysis of the C3 class

  • 1977 List of Cork Souterrain Townlands organised by Civil Parish

    A listing of classified and unclassified souterrain for County Cork compiled from research undertaken unto 1977.

  • Stripping Away the Townlands : Kilmichael Civil Parish, County Cork

    An attempt to see what lies beneath the townland and civil parish systems in an effort to glimpse at the earlier ecclesiastical - and social, geography of the parish, and thereby to contextualise its souterrains. The location of Kilmichael's land area can be identified using placenames on the Ordnance Survey of Ireland's Discovery Series, Sheets not. 85 - 86.

  • Cork Souterrains. Metadata for those site drawings available unto 1977.

    Tabulation of field drawings, sketches, and 'conjectural reconstructions of plans based on verbal descriptions', created between 1750 to 1977. A further file covering sites surveyed by J.P. McCarthy 1976-1977 along with some conjectural reconstruction drawings for sites recorded by others in the form of verbal accounts or rough outline drawings, will be uploaded as time allows in the coming months.